Platform / PaaS

With ITERIA keep control of your costs and obtain significant savings

To be competitive, companies must stay nimble and keep innovating, but they still need to keep their IT costs in check.


PaaS offers solutions to IT organizations to extend their legacy applications at the speed and scale their business needs. PaaS is also helping IT to meet more and more business demands and accelerate application development, deployment, review, and maintenance.

How does it work

PaaS enables significant savings in IT costs by offering a subscription pricing model and by allowing developers, for example, to focus on application development rather than infrastructure acquisition and management. Companies using PaaS have reported significant operational savings compared to managing individual development teams managing internal technologies.

PaaS provides simple, secure, and instant access to cloud application development and deployment environments. It also makes it possible to quickly scale these environments as needed, providing significant flexibility that would not otherwise be possible.

ITERIA and PaaS solutions allow you to extend and integrate IaaS with SaaS and on-premise applications to drive improved decision making, business agility and innovation.

Our services

  • Development of new applications
  • Migration of applications to the cloud
  • SaaS application extension and integration