Infrastructure / IaaS

With ITERIA technology is in favor of its growth

To be successful in today's competitive reality, companies need to break free from the legacy IT infrastructure constraints. The days of buying hardware and maintaining datacenters to run IT must come to an end. Managing and maintaining your own infrastructure is simply too expensive.


At ITERIA we know that technology not only supports business; makes business happen. This means that your ability to adopt new technologies and be agile is what will set you apart from your competition.

Each member of our consulting group brings a unique fusion of technical expertise and business acumen: we are specialists, but in multiple domains. Our team has worked on many systems in different industries and technologies. We leverage this experience to help you solve your most complex technical challenges and digitally transform your business.

How does it work

We first evaluate your strategic objectives to determine which technologies and systems will help you meet your long-term plans. We start with a comprehensive assessment of your environment, including a review of existing strategies, system configurations, and technologies. Together with your team, we will establish your strategy and roadmap.

Our infrastructure specialists start each project with a careful analysis of your existing IT infrastructure. From there, we create an architecture that is agile, scalable, and capable of meeting your evolving business goals. Our services include all aspects of architecture design from conceptual level to production, third party integration, installation and administration

Our services

Planning and consulting

  • Comprehensive assessment of the existing environment
  • Technology Selection
  • Infrastructure capacity planning
  • Capacity, performance and security audits
  • Server virtualization
  • Server upgrade and cloud migration planning

Solution implementation

  • Installation and configuration of new technologies and tools.
  • Projects management.
  • HW updates and configuration updates.
  • Cloud services configuration.
  • Migration from infrastructure to infrastructure as a service.
  • Pre-deployment tests (Sandboxes).