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Cloud Infrastructure Security

Reduce concerns about advanced persistent threats with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the cloud infrastructure designed with an architecture that puts security first. Our public cloud offers high customer isolation and automated protections with cloud residency, sovereignty and security as essential elements in innovation and operations.

Reduce risks from ongoing threats with design principles that prioritize security and utilize built-in user isolation and least-privilege access.

Easy to implement security controls

Avoid misconfiguration errors and implement mandatory security best practices. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has controls that are active 24/7 with layered defenses.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure places critical workload security at the center of our cloud infrastructure. This modern public cloud is built with the security required to protect your most valuable data.

Our partner Oracle has more than 40 years in global data protection

Protect your business data with a cloud security solution that has decades of experience. Meet global compliance, data governance, regulatory obligations, and industry requirements. Address the local need for data sovereignty, privacy, and transparency with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Source: http://www.oracle.com

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