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Oracle Project Management

Improve project delivery and increase profits with a single intelligent solution that manages projects across the enterprise and connects them to finance, human resources, and operations.

Projects management

Collaborative planning

Increase project success through collaborative planning between team members and project managers.

Simplified programming

Plan projects faster and easier with intuitive scheduling tools for project managers.

Mobile project management

Give project managers the flexibility to schedule, monitor status, and deliver projects from anywhere on their mobile devices.

Instant responsiveness

Respond quickly to keep projects on track with intelligent predictive analytics and real-time view of project status.

Resource management

Find and combine

Identify the best talent for upcoming projects using criteria such as skill, cost, and location.

Resource utilization

Make timely staffing decisions with information based on utilization and performance metrics.

Project talent

Reduce churn by aligning team members' skills and career paths with projects.

Resource groups

Improve awareness of talent availability with Organizational Resource Groups.

Project finance

Project Control

Improve planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting of project costs and revenues with comprehensive financial controls.

Project costing

Improve the accuracy of project cost accounting while standardizing and streamlining the collection of costs associated with projects.

Cost capture

Reduce manual labor by easily capturing costs for multiple functions, including time and labor, procurement, and finance.

Capital projects

Simplify tracking of all capital asset costs and transactions associated with projects.

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