The best Oracle database platform

Oracle Exadata is a full-stack solution that improves the performance, scale, security, and availability of an enterprise's Oracle databases. It incorporates more than 60 unique features, such as the SQL Smart Scan download, which were designed in conjunction with Oracle Database to accelerate machine learning, analytics, and OLTP applications. Exadata also reduces capital costs and administration expenses by allowing IT departments to consolidate hundreds of databases on a single system. Enterprises can deploy Exadata on premises, on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or as a Cloud Customer solution, and use Autonomous Database to simplify and accelerate digital transformations.


Integrated full stack solution reduces integration requirements

High availability hardware and software maximize database uptime

144X scalability, from 48 to 6912 CPU cores, enables database consolidation across the enterprise

Oracle Cloud and on-premises options simplify digital transformations

Smart storage increases database performance and controls costs

<19 microseconds of SQL read latency improves OLTP responsiveness

Up to 16 million SQL IOPS increase the performance of consolidated workloads

SQL throughput of up to 560GB / s accelerates data intensive analytics applications

Same capabilities, on premises and in the cloud

Oracle Exadata enables customers to run Oracle Database with the same high performance, scale and availability wherever it is needed. Workloads are easily moved between on-premises data centers, Cloud Customer deployments, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, enabling customers to modernize operations and reduce costs.

More scale and flexibility

Oracle Exadata scale-out architecture enables customers to independently configure compute and storage resources to meet current workload requirements, reducing costs. Scalability enables customers to create 25 PB data warehouses and quickly analyze, accelerating data-driven insights.

Easier digital transformations

Oracle Exadata enables customers to consolidate databases that support various Oracle, ISV, and custom applications, reducing IT complexity and costs. Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud Customer enables organizations to accelerate their digital transformations by using fully automated database services in their data center to address data sovereignty, security, and latency issues.

Higher performance for all workloads

Oracle Exadata accelerates customers' Oracle Database workloads with up to 98% less SQL read latency and more than 20x the SQL throughput than AWS Relational Database Service (RDS)

Lower infrastructure and administration costs

Oracle Exadata enables customers to reduce costs by consolidating workloads on less infrastructure and with fewer Oracle Database licenses. Automation of common DBA tasks such as indexing and tuning enables customers to reduce operating costs by up to 59%.

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