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Project finance

Project Control

Improve planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting of project costs and revenues with comprehensive financial controls.

Project costing

Improve the accuracy of project cost accounting while standardizing and streamlining the collection of costs associated with projects.

Cost capture

Reduce manual labor by easily capturing costs for multiple functions, including time and labor, procurement, and finance.

Capital projects

Simplify tracking of all capital asset costs and transactions associated with projects.

Project contract billing

Customer billing

Easily generate customer invoices during projects to increase the accuracy and efficiency of project invoicing.

Compliance of contract

Ensure projects meet contract terms and conditions with built-in contract analysis and billing controls.


Simplify the management of complex contracts and reduce administrative expenses through flexible partnerships between projects and contracts.

Project income

Recognize project revenue faster by analyzing revenue trends and contract limits.

Time and labor for projects

Recording time

Track project time easily and consistently with automated time and attendance record keeping.

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