Run Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud

When running Oracle E-Business suite room in Oracle Cloud, you can reduce the time and cost of new projects, increase business agility, better manage growth, and increase the productivity of your global IT workforce.

This refers to the execution of Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle's cloud infrastructure and database service offerings, specifically:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and associated database services.
  • Oracle Cloud at Customer and associated database services.

The key benefits are support for business growth, greater business agility, and lower costs and risks. Companies must be agile to respond to changes such as acquisitions, globalization, divestitures, and regulatory or process changes, with the ability to adopt new technologies or application functionality. IT can provide new development and test environments quickly in response to these changes, while ensuring the continuity of daily operations.

Oracle's cloud infrastructure offerings are elastic and allow IT to scale-out or scale-out infrastructure on demand. This elasticity and pay-as-you-go flexibility reduces the need for upfront capital expenditure and decreases lead times for hardware and other resources, reducing overall project risk.

Oracle Application Management Suite offers the ability to migrate changes to your Oracle E-Business Suite instances from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute to local and vice versa.

On the other hand, the same tool that is used to provision Oracle E-Business Suite at the service Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute and associated database services, Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager, can be used to manage the resulting environments. Environment cloning, backup, and deletion capabilities are available.

The same tool that is used to provision ORracle E-Business Suite service Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic and associated database services, the database management tool EBS Cloud, can be used to manage the resulting environments. Cloning and expansion capabilities are available.

Also, Oracle Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite allows you to monitor and manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and local instances with a unified interface.

Oracle's cloud infrastructure solution offers several clear advantages over other cloud solutions:

  • Oracle provides automation that is not available from other vendors and will continue to add to our offerings.
  • Other vendors don't have database services like Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Exadata Cloud Service.
  • Oracle Support has well-established processes for collaboration between different product teams, designed to promote faster problem resolution.
  • Oracle tests on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 

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