Business intelligence

With Oracle Business Intelligence, get a robust set of reports, ad-hoc queries, dashboards, and dashboard functionality.


ITERIA has a group of expert consultants in Business Intelligence, which allows your company to maximize all the information it has in its systems, carrying out an analysis and rationalization of the data to comprehensively consolidate all the information in your business, thus helping to devise more forceful strategies to achieve compliance with your corporate objectives.

Benefits of implementing BI

Avoid costly downtime with proactive care from dedicated globally distributed team experts.

  • Reduction of information collection times
  • Corporate exploitation of information
  • Release of man hours and associated costs (Management Systems and Users)
  • Greater availability and ease of access to information
  • Possibility of obtaining information and analysis previously unfeasible
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Excellent external image of the organization
  • Exposure of data quality problems in systems
  • The information is timely, comprehensive, relevant and reliable.
  • Manual processes are practically non-existent
  • Greater availability of time for analysis
  • Solution that brings with it the application of best practices for business analysis


  • Consulting and solutions for strategic information analysis
  • Implementation of customized Business Intelligence solutions
  • Consulting in definition and revision of Datawarehouse architectures
  • Consulting on best practices, techniques and methodologies in BI implementations
  • Migration to Oracle BI