Facilitate business processes by integrating applications into an information system


The integration of the diversity of information technologies that a company has has become an inescapable and urgent need. This need originates from the integration of heterogeneous software and originates from the great diversity of software products that companies use to support their different production processes.

Many of these products generally come from different vendors, others are based on different hardware and software platforms or employ incompatible conceptual models and therefore do not have the required capacity to integrate and interoperate.

At ITERIA we put at your disposal all
our experience to support you in:

  • Data analysis, diagnosis and development of solutions for your migration
  • Definition and Implementation of SOA architectures, Oracle SOA Cloud
  • Development of composite applications under the SCA (Service Component Architecture) model
  • Integration of heterogeneous data sources using an enterprise data bus (ESB)
  • Legacy Systems Extraction: ERP and CRM