Mobile apps


At ITERIA we know how important this technology is in today's companies, and for this reason, our greatest interest is to accompany you to bring your business to mobile devices with state-of-the-art tools.

We consolidate a human team with extensive experience in software development and mobile application construction to work in an agile way with trend designs and providing you with the necessary advice.

How we work

According to the client's need and previous meetings to clarify the requirements, the analysis is carried out through user stories. Once these user stories are approved, the application design documents are developed:

  • Use cases
  • Design Specification
  • Prototypes - Mockups

Once the previous documentation is approved, the development begins with partial deliverables of the functionalities prioritized by the client.


As your business requires, our model offers native or hybrid mobile solutions, with a collaborative and multidisciplinary model. Mobile business applications must meet needs at a more critical level.

Create business-grade mobile apps

Develop unique mobile applications that meet business-level needs, not just departmental ones.

Tailored to your needs

Develop ideas and mobile applications into sophisticated and powerful solutions tailored to customers, employees and constituents.

Native apps

These applications are developed specifically for each operating system (IOS or Android) allowing you to get the most out of mobile devices (Smartphone). These APPs are one hundred percent platform dependent, they are not portable which means what platform needs to be developed separately.

IOS applications are developed in Objective C language, Swift.
Android applications are developed in Java.

Hybrid applications

This system allows companies to develop their mobile applications in a faster and cheaper way, allowing them to develop simple apps.
FrameWork Ionic
FrameWork Movile Flutter (Google)

Prototyping (MockUps)

We design more advanced user experiences through a graphical representation of the project including visual details such as typography, colors, visual design, etc.

We test design concepts before writing a line of code.
Usability Design

Real-time testing

Build it and go. When testing is done as you build it, your applications can be in the hands of users faster in order to validate and approve deliverables.