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This module allows to load the transactions of the modules of accounts payable, accounts receivable and entries used by third parties to perform the calculation of the accounting by third parties of a particular book previously configured in the application. This third-party accounting is the basis for generating the exogenous information required by DIAN.

Thanks to this component, it is possible to obtain in a simple and automated way the information contained in your ERP, in order to generate the transactional detail required by each of the third parties with whom the purchase and sale operations are carried out in your organization. . To achieve the objective, the module has automatic validations that allow identifying errors in the information uploaded by period, both at the level of third parties and information by account.

This module also allows you to load the trial balance of the processed book to make the comparison on behalf of the information loaded by a third party, so that both the third party accounting and the ERP balance are without differences, this facilitates the reconciliation between your system ERP and accounting information by third parties.

In the THIRD PARTY ACCOUNTING module you will be able to:

• Extract through an automatic process the information of transactions by third parties from the Oracle ERP Cloud / Oracle EBS On-Premise system to be uploaded to the Colokial application.

• Perform the validation of the information.

• Generate reports in Excel with the inconsistencies that need to be adjusted, both in entries and third parties.

• Generate the balance by third parties.

• Reports essential for the validation of the reconciliation of information such as:

• Balance report by third parties

• Auxiliary report by Tax Identification Number (NIT)

• Automatic comparison of the balance by third parties Vs. the trial balance

• Enter reclassifications and adjustments by third parties for generation of tax reports through Excel templates

• Generate accounting assistants for each third party

• Import, manage and update the master of the third parties with whom your company maintains business relationships using Excel templates, with the information required by the National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN).

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