IDEMIA optimized a 30% its processing capacity with Oracle

IDEMIA is a world leader in augmented identity; that is, it is dedicated to the identity management of people, companies or transactions. Today they are world leaders in credit card security, payment methods and biometric recognition, among others. It is a company that provides a secure environment, both in physical and digital space, to international clients in the financial, telecommunications, identity, public safety and IOT sectors. With nearly 15,000 employees worldwide, IDEMIA serves clients in 180 countries.

IDEMIA was already working with Oracle solutions but the solution was hosted by another provider that they had to move for management. Therefore, in order to meet the accelerated growth of the company in Central and Latin America, IDEMIA chose to integrate its entire operation in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and have a single provider.

Iteria played a key role in the implementation of OCI. IDEMIA assures that it is a company that gave you the peace of mind of knowing the solution, with exceptional customer service. Iteria made a preliminary evaluation to know the environment and then implemented the solution.

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IDEMIA chose Oracle for four main reasons: efficiency, compatibility, scalability, and flexibility. Oracle provides the company with a service with which they can grow or decrease or go up in memory depending on the project, which allows them to be more dynamic in the decisions they must make regarding the application.

In terms of availability, IDEMIA managed to migrate to the Oracle cloud without interrupting its operations through the go live and post go live project, an added value when starting the transition.

“The gain was very large because before we did not have, for example, development test environments, today we have. In addition to this, the processing capacity has improved brutally, that is, today we are able to do the same things and, perhaps more, with more people connected, but in a much more agile way. That has given us greater efficiency at work. " (Dejair Zambeli Junior, IT Manager at IDEMIA for Latin America)

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solution allowed IDEMIA to be more efficient by having development test environments and an improvement in processing capacity, connecting more people in a more agile way. This efficiency was due to the latest version of processors and memory, which improved the processing capacity in a 30%.

In addition to the above, by having a more malleable and affordable development test environment, IDEMIA has managed to develop new facilities or developments that have shown improvements in the ease that users have in the development of their tasks. Before they had a process that took three weeks, and now with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure it only takes them 10 minutes to do it.

“With Oracle, there were cost reductions, there was improvement in processing capacity and in the day-to-day lives of our users, and for us, that's like a compliment, but sometimes we forget that we are at Oracle. Because we don't need to talk to Oracle, there are no problems with Oracle, I don't remember that we had any need to reach out to Oracle support. Why? Because everything is working. " (Dejair Zambeli Junior, IT Manager at IDEMIA for Latin America)

Additionally, support tickets were reduced; Before integrating the processes with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure they had around 70 tickets per month, but currently they only receive 25-30 cases per month.

On the other hand, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure optimized the process of connections, machine performance and everything on the web page, allowing them to determine if there are any problems immediately. Added to this, it allows IDEMIA to know how much is being spent on a daily basis, and in the event of being oversized, it can reduce costs for each organization easily and immediately. In the 7 months of OCI use, the availability has been 100%.