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We are a multicultural company of more than 100 people with projects in the American continent. With consulting, technological and digital transformation services. ITERIA is at the forefront of innovation to address the full range of customer opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platform. Drawing on its strong 20-year experience and specific industry experience, ITERIA enables organizations to achieve their business ambitions through a variety of services from strategy to operations. ITERIA is driven by the conviction that the commercial value of technology comes from and through people.



                     Our team of Consultants have some of the following certifications:

Oracle Cloud
Infrastructure 2019
Certified Architect Professional




Oracle Autonomous
Database Cloud 2019
Certified Specialist




Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019
  • Certified Architect Associate
  • Cloud Operations Certified Associate
 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020
  • Foundations Certified Associate
  • Developer Certified Associate


• Oracle

Social responsability

Learn about our CSR and sustainability approach

Iteria solidarity

This proposal emerged in 2015 with the purpose of helping communities that require it. In its beginnings, Iteria annually made an agreement with different institutions to cover different social problems; We were present in nursing homes and transit homes for people living on the streets and Venezuelan immigrants.

In 2019, we decided to form a link with the Foundation for a Longing for Life, which aims to re-educate children in cancer, either from their homes or from the hospital where the agreements are located. Our goal is to continue providing our help to these children, either from donations of resources or activities required by the Foundation.

Iteria committed to the environment

We act with commitment

At Iteria we multiply and add to all the initiatives that are being developed from the social and solidarity economy to contribute to environmental sustainability and care for our planet. Some of our ongoing initiatives are:

  • Project decrease paper and impressions in our daily operation.
  • Energy efficiency projects and responsible water consumption at our headquarters. Virtualization of newsletters, magazines and billing envelopes for associates.

Values & Ethics

Corporate values

Service attitude: We work with permanent disposition to solve our collaborators, suppliers, users, and especially our clients, in a timely and effective way.

Commitment: We responsibly fulfill the commitments we make, with enthusiasm, will and without justifying ourselves. We are committed to working as a team to meet the requirements and achieve our goals.

Productivity: We have enough initiative and creativity to find the best alternatives, which in a practical, efficient and effective way help us to find solutions to our own needs and especially those of our clients.

Passion for the work: We work with joy, as an opportunity to grow as individuals and as professionals, to contribute to the development and growth of the country and for the well-being of its inhabitants.

Flexibility: We adapt, train and self-train in the face of permanent changes demanded by the market and the conditions of our environment. We have an open mind to implement the new technologies available, transforming our country into a more competitive and developed one.

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